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As much as globalization makes a country's borders more open, adoption by the enterprise of cloud and other external services opens the "identity border" of enterprises. Successful businesses recognize the value of open communications within and outside of their borders. Achieving this means that the physical and virtual perimeters that had previously defined the reach of most organizations IT and security systems have disappeared. As a result, the role of Identity has become more critical not only for security, but also for enabling effective business interaction across all constituents.

These changes have a profound impact on how users interact with and within an enterprise. The number of devices and applications used is increasing. Social media is bringing more users from more places. Big data is generating more information about users. As the number of possible interactions between users, devices, services, data and the external environment increases, so does the volume of contextual information needed to describe the interactions. Protecting resources will become a multidimensional exercise.

Risk and governance functions will shift in scope. Instead of focusing on roles and entitlements, all potentially access-giving attributes will need to be attested and certified. This shift requires changes in process and products, and ultimately better data quality.

Use of externally provided identities to access applications serving enterprise consumers has already begun. Social identities are being used in a number of applications with notable examples in retail, banking and media. Consumers use these identities for convenience, and enterprises support this for business advantage.

There is already a competitive marketplace for identity proofing and fraud prevention services. Credit bureaus, governments, financial institutions, telcos, fraud prevention vendors and other service providers leverage a variety of data sources and network relationships to provide identity assurance services to relying organizations. These services help provide risk scores for a set of attributes and to help enterprises gauge confidence in asserted identities.

Beyond people, everything in the Internet of Things will have an identifier, attributes describing that identity and experiences involving that identity. As more combinations of people and objects (such as mobile phones, tablets and wearable computers) interact with the environment and one another (for example, medical devices in hospitals, automobiles and tags on retail goods) the current state of "people identities" based on their activities will need to be tracked. Identifiers and relationships will be the unifying element of people, places, things and information providing a means to develop and deliver infrastructure, services and applications in combinations that create new lines of business, as well as ensure the appropriate access to business services.

Massive changes in scale and performance will be required to deal with the global scale of the billions of new "identities" (both subjects and objects of action), resulting in changes to providers of identity and mechanisms for securing identities and an expansion in analytics and intelligence to accommodate expanded services. For enterprises with increasingly intelligent devices and other endpoints (such as sensors, electronic tags, process and distributed control) a revision in strategy and architecture will be needed.

The Identity Summit will bring together C-level IT business and security executives, industry analysts and solution providers to discuss challenges and best practices in a relaxed, yet focused business setting. Agenda sessions include engaging Keynote Presentations, Thought Leadership sessions, Think Tanks, Analyst Q&As and much more.

We at CDM Media know that in order for you to take time out of the office, it must be time well spent. The Identity Access Management Summit agenda offers a balanced schedule that will maximize your time and efforts, providing you with ideas and strategies truly capable of changing business practices.



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A CDM Media Event
A CDM Media Event

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1:1 pre-determined 30-minute meetings


Dedicated Roundtable, Thought Leadership and Keynote sessions on summit agenda


14 hours of networking across the event


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I've already had follow up discussions with a couple of the vendors I met and I see promise for future business. The meetings were the perfect length of time and I learned a lot about some vendors I thought I knew. I was impressed by the event, it was very well organized and executed.


A very impressive event, the whole thing was first class. Assembling senior leadership is not an easy task. Kudos to your organization on such a successful event and my sincerest thanks for allowing me to be a part of it!

VP, Information Security

Coming to this conference, I was a little dubious. However this has turned out to be the highlight of the year (in events).

Executive Director